Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What Makes You Beautiful :)

7th May 2013

I was digging through stuff in my laptop and I found this :) an old picture when I was in Form 4. That night, we celebrated the Closing Ceremony of the College Carnival. Yes I had a great fun time and this picture, from left to right is me :), Farah Nabila and Menusha. I looked pretty funny in the picture but nobody cares. So here you go.

Then today suddenly I have this class for the new semester called Kepimpinan. At first I thought that it would be boring but hell nope~ the class was hilarious and fun-filled. Laughter and cheers were distributed evenly. *distributed? Okay what ever words that make sense. LOL. The lecturer is PM Dr Fazilah Idris asked us to write what we really thinks of ourselves. So I get these from my two friends :) Amyra and Cing Yee. Let's take a look

I feel greatly blessed coming to this place learning something new and having great friends :) I am confident that one day this place can be brought up to a greater place. More people will be watching every students graduated from this place getting great jobs and great education.


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