Friday, May 24, 2013

Fate and Dreams

:: sometimes, fate and your dreams can collide ::

It has been a long time since my last post and yes, I recently received my SPM results which is equivalent to O level. *I think* and then the whole nightmare came in visiting my life. I have always had this dreams which is to be involved in the crime scene investigation team. The results of too much Detective Conan the anime.

However fate and dreams are like water and oil. Nobody seems to be interested in listening to my dreams of pursuing study in Forensic Science which I thought hell lots of fun. Mum said no! when you gets pregnant, what happen to your work line? Dad seems to eat lots of my words but nobody beats what Mum said. So I ended up rejecting UIA's offer for foundation in Allied Science which is purely going to make sure I will be someone in the CSI team.

I get MARA's offer for medicine *Mum is really excited* in Malaysia so I thought, if I am to pursue Medicine in Malaysia it is better for me to stay with UKM's ASASIpintar. Doesn't make any change either way and I can perform well here since I am very used to the facilities and the instructor. Yes I ditched so many chances but what can I say. Fate and dreams can collide. Said Joe Brooks. :'(

So now I am here waiting for JPA and JPA-MARA results. Who knows Allah prepared something for me which is better.

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