Friday, May 31, 2013

Be A Little Girl Again

I still remember there was one day. It was 2003 if I am not mistaken. I entered a story teling competition. My mother was a teacher and she wrote the story. Something similar to Red Riding Hood but yeah it was 10 years ago, how can I remember. So the weekend before the competition mum thought that we should go shopping for dresses appropriate to the theme of the story.

This is a sad story. Bear in mind.

We are not a family of rich people. Mum is just a primary school teacher and dad is working with Felcra. Just a small earning clerk ;) I still remember those times. Mum and dad work really hard to make our ends meet. I used to dressed up like a little boy. Most of the time, I helped mum and dad. It was the most beautiful time of our life.

And back to my initial story, that day we went shopping, we just cannot find anything that cost just nice for my family to afford it. When we were in a supermarket, mum found a dress that I thought the most prettiest dress I have ever seen my entire life. And it cost about RM80++ :( mum is devastated and ruined. There's no way dad could afford it. As I was looking through, she said "We will find something for you no matter how much it will cost us".

In the end of the day, mum found me a dress in a carnival. Which was only RM15 :) I was so happy that she bought me 2 of those darlings. Pretty dresses I have ever had~ Flipping through the memories, I think that it is very good for us to remember where we came from. Never ever forget what we used to be how much we suffered in the past. Life is never easy and now, I can say that I am from a rich family. From what mum and dad fought in the past, both of them make our life easy and comfortable.

I am very proud of them as they never give up in life. I promise them one day, I will definitely pay back what they have invested for my future. And my brother and sister too.

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