Sunday, May 26, 2013


As the title. It tells more than the truth because I am feeling extremely happy and relieved. I have never been this much relieved *except from the moment I received exam's result* haha. Most of the time I have been through nightmares of what going to happen next and few minutes back in my life just saved me from thousands of years of regrets. Ouh my~ I am so happy I think I need to breath!

So something has been bothering me so much lately and I think it has taken away my happiness and my free soul. Too much of the pressure put me in an oven for few days. But yes, now I'm done with it! I am free to go and free to live. Yeah! *at Pavilion KL*

I'm out again this week to relive my sisterhood moments with my little sister. Haha. The reason is just to watch Fast and Furious 6 :) how on Earth can someone missed that awesome movie. I went to Midvalley to watch it last friday but the tickets was long gone. God damn-it! Until 2 days later, haha I finally get the tickets!! *screaming with tears of joy* Honestly I cheated a bit. My sister is just 17 y/o and the movie is PG18. *who cares* Bought the tickets and yes,, take a loook people and do not be jealous. Even bought big bucket of popcorn and scream like hell in the cinema.

Ngehehe. While waiting, we went to Daiso and bought something for the upcoming event for my sister. A venetian mask *if I did spell it right*. Specifically for someone else because my sister is wearing glasses and she will never ever wear lenses! And before we head back home, we tried the new Korean Spicy chicken from KFC. Seriously it can't go any spicier than that. Tooodleeesss!

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