Thursday, May 2, 2013

Noom Coach

So recently I downloaded a new apps from Google Play called the Noom Coach. It is a very interesting apps that I used to keep track on food I ate and the exercise I've done recently haha.

It is very interesting especially when you are about to do some exercise, you can just tap 'workout' and there you go! A variety of workout you can choose. Plus it also count how much calories have you burn. Next, as a starter you can also insert your dream weight and update your weight everyday :)

In the end, you can see a beautiful graph of how much weight you have lost. It is very convinient as it can be installed right into your smart phone and you don't need full web access. So yeah, that's it for my weekly achievement. However, the user must update the food they took daily. If not having such great app would not help anyway~

But keep in mind, eat healthily and do not starve yourself to death. Just make sure you are healthy:) weight is not a problem so enjoy !


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