Friday, May 31, 2013

Be A Little Girl Again

I still remember there was one day. It was 2003 if I am not mistaken. I entered a story teling competition. My mother was a teacher and she wrote the story. Something similar to Red Riding Hood but yeah it was 10 years ago, how can I remember. So the weekend before the competition mum thought that we should go shopping for dresses appropriate to the theme of the story.

This is a sad story. Bear in mind.

We are not a family of rich people. Mum is just a primary school teacher and dad is working with Felcra. Just a small earning clerk ;) I still remember those times. Mum and dad work really hard to make our ends meet. I used to dressed up like a little boy. Most of the time, I helped mum and dad. It was the most beautiful time of our life.

And back to my initial story, that day we went shopping, we just cannot find anything that cost just nice for my family to afford it. When we were in a supermarket, mum found a dress that I thought the most prettiest dress I have ever seen my entire life. And it cost about RM80++ :( mum is devastated and ruined. There's no way dad could afford it. As I was looking through, she said "We will find something for you no matter how much it will cost us".

In the end of the day, mum found me a dress in a carnival. Which was only RM15 :) I was so happy that she bought me 2 of those darlings. Pretty dresses I have ever had~ Flipping through the memories, I think that it is very good for us to remember where we came from. Never ever forget what we used to be how much we suffered in the past. Life is never easy and now, I can say that I am from a rich family. From what mum and dad fought in the past, both of them make our life easy and comfortable.

I am very proud of them as they never give up in life. I promise them one day, I will definitely pay back what they have invested for my future. And my brother and sister too.

Sunday, May 26, 2013


As the title. It tells more than the truth because I am feeling extremely happy and relieved. I have never been this much relieved *except from the moment I received exam's result* haha. Most of the time I have been through nightmares of what going to happen next and few minutes back in my life just saved me from thousands of years of regrets. Ouh my~ I am so happy I think I need to breath!

So something has been bothering me so much lately and I think it has taken away my happiness and my free soul. Too much of the pressure put me in an oven for few days. But yes, now I'm done with it! I am free to go and free to live. Yeah! *at Pavilion KL*

I'm out again this week to relive my sisterhood moments with my little sister. Haha. The reason is just to watch Fast and Furious 6 :) how on Earth can someone missed that awesome movie. I went to Midvalley to watch it last friday but the tickets was long gone. God damn-it! Until 2 days later, haha I finally get the tickets!! *screaming with tears of joy* Honestly I cheated a bit. My sister is just 17 y/o and the movie is PG18. *who cares* Bought the tickets and yes,, take a loook people and do not be jealous. Even bought big bucket of popcorn and scream like hell in the cinema.

Ngehehe. While waiting, we went to Daiso and bought something for the upcoming event for my sister. A venetian mask *if I did spell it right*. Specifically for someone else because my sister is wearing glasses and she will never ever wear lenses! And before we head back home, we tried the new Korean Spicy chicken from KFC. Seriously it can't go any spicier than that. Tooodleeesss!

Saturday, May 25, 2013


Because I have always said that. We were so young, wild and free. Most of the time rational is what kept us from doing what we ain't supposed to do but just how many times does that work? Pity. And when that happened it is never too late to turn back and search for the lights. Allah always accept our do'a and shines us with lights and pathway.

Too many things happened and only recently I realized that I don't simply live to just eat and have fun. I have responsibilities. To ayah and mak, to my own self and the rest. Lately I have been so scared for some reason I never want to talk about. I am never an Iron Man. Neither a Tony Stark with a heart of steel. I really wanted to go home. I miss ayah and mak badly I can't tell already. I missed being kid and get scolded each and every day and I never care.

And after all this while now is my time to change. I am 18 and my roads is a long way still it is me to put the effort and to make it. A success or another failure. Damn it I hate myself for being such a jerk! Ignorance really kill people sometimes. I am not being emotional. I am being scared of my own shadow. Every mens' dream is Jannah and never in my life heard people wanted to go for the hell. Astaghfirullahalazim :'(

Friday, May 24, 2013

A Day Out

It has been a little while since my last outing so I've decided to go out with my little sister. The real plan was to watch Fast Furious 6 but luck was not on our side :'( by the time we arrived at Midvalley, the only screening left was around 7pm and above. It is impossible for us to watch it so we decided to go for Iron Man 3.

It was a 1.55pm movie so we went for lunch first. My first time trying out the Korean Cuisine at Dubu Dubu. As suggested by my friend, we ordered the Dol Sot Bibimbap and the Honey Garlic Chicken set. Maybe I'm not a Korean so I think that it just doesn't suit me :) haha. But anyways, I had the experience already.

Next I had this few thigs in my to-buy list such as thumbdrive for my roommate as requested by her and biscuits and shampoo and stuff but again, luck was not on my side. I was lost in the crowd of the PC fair and I ended up buying no thumbdrive for her. Sorry dear.

The movie was awesome in total. I even bought my father a kemeja for Fathers' Day :) hehe

Fate and Dreams

:: sometimes, fate and your dreams can collide ::

It has been a long time since my last post and yes, I recently received my SPM results which is equivalent to O level. *I think* and then the whole nightmare came in visiting my life. I have always had this dreams which is to be involved in the crime scene investigation team. The results of too much Detective Conan the anime.

However fate and dreams are like water and oil. Nobody seems to be interested in listening to my dreams of pursuing study in Forensic Science which I thought hell lots of fun. Mum said no! when you gets pregnant, what happen to your work line? Dad seems to eat lots of my words but nobody beats what Mum said. So I ended up rejecting UIA's offer for foundation in Allied Science which is purely going to make sure I will be someone in the CSI team.

I get MARA's offer for medicine *Mum is really excited* in Malaysia so I thought, if I am to pursue Medicine in Malaysia it is better for me to stay with UKM's ASASIpintar. Doesn't make any change either way and I can perform well here since I am very used to the facilities and the instructor. Yes I ditched so many chances but what can I say. Fate and dreams can collide. Said Joe Brooks. :'(

So now I am here waiting for JPA and JPA-MARA results. Who knows Allah prepared something for me which is better.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What Makes You Beautiful :)

7th May 2013

I was digging through stuff in my laptop and I found this :) an old picture when I was in Form 4. That night, we celebrated the Closing Ceremony of the College Carnival. Yes I had a great fun time and this picture, from left to right is me :), Farah Nabila and Menusha. I looked pretty funny in the picture but nobody cares. So here you go.

Then today suddenly I have this class for the new semester called Kepimpinan. At first I thought that it would be boring but hell nope~ the class was hilarious and fun-filled. Laughter and cheers were distributed evenly. *distributed? Okay what ever words that make sense. LOL. The lecturer is PM Dr Fazilah Idris asked us to write what we really thinks of ourselves. So I get these from my two friends :) Amyra and Cing Yee. Let's take a look

I feel greatly blessed coming to this place learning something new and having great friends :) I am confident that one day this place can be brought up to a greater place. More people will be watching every students graduated from this place getting great jobs and great education.


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Noom Coach

So recently I downloaded a new apps from Google Play called the Noom Coach. It is a very interesting apps that I used to keep track on food I ate and the exercise I've done recently haha.

It is very interesting especially when you are about to do some exercise, you can just tap 'workout' and there you go! A variety of workout you can choose. Plus it also count how much calories have you burn. Next, as a starter you can also insert your dream weight and update your weight everyday :)

In the end, you can see a beautiful graph of how much weight you have lost. It is very convinient as it can be installed right into your smart phone and you don't need full web access. So yeah, that's it for my weekly achievement. However, the user must update the food they took daily. If not having such great app would not help anyway~

But keep in mind, eat healthily and do not starve yourself to death. Just make sure you are healthy:) weight is not a problem so enjoy !


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What Grown Up People Do

So the title somehow was a bit grumpy I can tell :) I am bored even though I have lots to revise but who can stay at in front of the books for more that 30 minutes during holidays :)

But nevermind, since I have been attached to the internet connection I used to go to the Youtube and watch people singing and cooking. It is amazing on how at first I was supposed to check out the latest cove from Sam Tsui and somehow I ended up watching Cake Boss. How addictive the show is!

And I have been 18 for few months now but the truth is, I'm still checking on websites for kids~ playing barbie doll online and matching up styles on H&M website. haha funny I did that. Lols

Another fun fact is that this blog is created to enhance my English writing and conversational skills so I won't look stupiddss during interview~ bhahaha. Currently I'm waiting for the interview result. Maybe I'm accepted and maybe I'm not. Or if I'm accepted, am I going for it? Another dilemma. Haish.