Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Red Boxing Glove Pumping

What’s up with the title la.

My Heart Beats for Love. It’s the sound that I hear tells me not to give up. Such a good lyric. Thumbs up Miley Cyrus. Well not everyone actually will be given a chance to make a perfect day. But then with a little help of someone, I might be perfect. A great day, perfect and just flawless.
Just to flash back, on Friday, I have this kinda important quiz for my Biology class. Chapter 3~ molecules of life, AP syllabus, I drank 3 mugs of caffeine that kept me awake the whole night. Although I didn’t sleep that night, only 4 solid hours I used to study. The rest, I chit chat with my friend, Tim called me for 1 hour, 9 minutes and 56 seconds and dance Hannah Montana- Hoedown Throwdown (yea~ practically in the middle of the night). Fuhh! I don’t really care about my sleep time already nowadays. I just want to do better in my study. About the test, well let’s just that Tim actually encouraged me to study more. Thanks didi. (he’s gonna be mad if he knows that i call him didi)

Score: 14/25(where almost everyone think that it’s great enough)
Btw, the red boxing glove pumping refers to my heart ok...

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