Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Pear and A Melodious Song

Flashes of red, amber and white speckle my darkness. I refuse to open them. I rebel and I squeeze my eyelids together tighter to block out the grains of light, mere distractions that keeps us awake but a sigh that there’s life beyond it.
Oh My Goodness’!!! It’s 5 o’clock in the evening. I should be having tea this time around. I opened the window and the gentle breeze brushes my hair gently. I hear a kind of music being played. A sad song, but the harmony between the notes catches my breath away. I went downstairs immediately. There’s a basket of pear on the dining table and the song is still in the air. What a beautiful melody. I grab the fresh juicy pear and dash out to search for the source of the music.
The wind kept blowing, gently as I pass through the garden holding a pear in my hand. Birds flew victoriously above the sky, the cerulean sky. A perfect evening for a stroll in the garden. I look at the pear that I grabbed from the kitchen and I realized that it has the same the same shape as the guitar held by a boy at the centre of the garden. He smiled at me and I returned a smile.
There’s my friend playing a guitar in the middle of the garden and today is my last today here in Kuching, my last time hanging out with my friend prior to my departure to Bangi. Listening to the melodious song taste like the juicy pear. I’m enjoying this very special moment of a pear and a melodious song, a special song indeed.

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