Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Perfectly Imperfect

Well, another day passed through my life as in there’s nothing ever happen between us. Hey you! I know that I’m not that perfect. I slept in the morning. I have dark circle. I have all the things that you probably hate. But then, I have you in my heart. Haha. Lol. Put a full stop at this chapter. Let’s move on to my next topic.

The chemistry quiz. A very fuzzy one I guess. As Tim said. ‘I don’t have any chemistry with chemistry’. I like that one though. Quite true actually. I do memorize the whole periodic table but not that stupid calculation part. Hate it! I slept at 2a.m last night and I score only 2! What the hell!

Here we go! The Japanese Class. Now I already memorized 25 Japanese character. Cool. Isn’t it? Love Japanese. Love Japan.

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