Friday, April 15, 2011

Another Frightening Fight

Once you have the experience involving in the stupid fight between friends, you will always remember it. Forever and always.

Here it goes. We usually eat, chat, study and go everywhere together, but on this unlucky day, I notice that he is ignoring me and my other 2 friends. He eats breakfast with his chinese friends, he ignore all my important question and sit at the end of the class with his pricey VAIO! der~ i hate him!

Went through the day badly. Until I make a decision to apologize if I have ever done something to him. I use his sticky note in his laptop, enlarge it until he can't even see all his application. I can be quite annoying if I want to be. So, be careful. I wrote it with every feeling. Tears keep rolling down my cheek. Stupid tears! But in the end, he didn't even read it. He read just the first line, the middle line and the last line. Such a pitiful fact. Don't he know that I wrote it with feelings?

At the end of the day, he told me that he was just kidding and I'm the one taking it too seriously. I cried a lot that day just because of his stupid joke. Huh! And he added that my reaction was hilarious! What the hell. I cried thinking that he hate me, while he is at the corner of the class laughing at me! Such an evil person! Don't you have a heart?

But still, I want to thank him, he teach me how to grow up, being an adult in a big world.

And P/S: I love the bear hug you gave me at the end of the day and whenever I look up at the star, I always wish that our friendship will never break apart. Stay still to the end of our lifetime.

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