Saturday, October 17, 2009

Chapter 5

There’s one time, anyhow, I thought that she made the world go around… that Cherub has an evil nature that you can’t imagine from her appearance. One evil each day, or more… mostly by gossiping using her laser mouth with her friend… in short, she made it her motto to do one evil thing each day.

I have just like being controlled by the Cherub.. I became the demon’s hands and feet… and was made to work like a slave…

I think when the demon fell in love, it became even worse. I don’t even know when her destined soul mate will appear..

And today, finally what I want to say is those dreadful days have come again! Thank you. My biggest enemy has fallen in love!

Seriously! With someone from the higher form that I don’t even know. This surprising story would be the best story of the year! Who could be her prince charming? Maybe the same sized guy! Hehehe..

And the guy must have been born at the bottom of misfortune to have such a big sized secret admire… I would bet my life to be open a Detective Agency or even to be a detective by my own to investigate and finally, find out who’s the MG (Mysterious Guy)/UG(Unlucky Guy).

Now, she has fallen in love, so, by anyhow, to revealed her secret is only by doing a complete investigation to pave the way for her love! Oh yeah.. what type of guy did she like? Maybe she has a bad taste or that she like unique guys!

The nominees are
1) a big bodied sized Sumo Coach that can treat her to weight-gaining stew.
2) The Indies rocker who can treat her to dried delicious seafood.

Maybe she doesn’t care about the outlook appearance.
Another uncool-at-all fact about Chubby Cherub is she’s very selfish when it come to her own desires. “Selfishness Controls The World”.


You say that
I’m strong
Unfinished message
True feelings that I can’t say
Force expectations and dreams
Justice that seems adult-like
Unknown if its white or black
A vague and mean reality
“I’m all right” is a convenient phrase
Suddenly, I’ve become a liar
Every time I’m asked if I’m all right
Suddenly, I’ve forgotten how to smile
While I wander about myself
The truth is I’m just pretending to be tough

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c_geeky said...

you are doing great!!! cherub demon is soooooooooooooooooooooo devilish