Monday, October 12, 2009

Chapter 1

My Life Is Suck With You Around….

My life is brilliant, My life is pure….

That was a very long time ago, when I never ever met you….

Chubby Cherub!!!! (Perempuan montel perasan suci)

Time past slowly… before this horrible story of mine started,

I am a cheerful girl, with a sweet smile and never ever have an enemy…

Then, a year ago, my dad was transferred to this spooky place I called KS Town…

Every single things is complete about this town.. I love this place… its just like heaven…

Dad sent me to an ordinary school… there I met various kind of friends…

Making friends was my favorite job… Anyone can be my friend as long as they have a

smile and a Sincere heart…

The first day was not easy… As a new student, I’m a little bit shy…

This is the list of the first 10 person-to-be-my-Friend on the 1st day of school in KS

* Are-moyz

* Key-larh

* Avlyn

* Dunstan

* Are-Fiq

* Mey-meng

* Allistair

* Zana

* Hanis

* Aisyah

It was tooooooooooo long for me to tell you before the spooky and bizarre day


Let’s just forward the story….

2 Months Later…

I started to date with a guy from the same class. His name is Buz Lightyear.

And if I know this horrible things will appear soon as I started the relationship,

I swear, I’ll never started it!!!!

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