Monday, October 12, 2009

Chapter 3

Maybe she’s a kind of people who enjoy other people misfortunes…
Then, let’s just say, if she has a friend and if she said that her friend is
Stupid, their relationship will go smoothly… she’s the one who do that!

But she never know that she’s the one who is very very super duper stupid!!!

Some of our classmates said that they won’t made mistakes by following her way..
And they also advised me to follow her way.. what?? Is that a joke or what? Follow her way? Over my dead body first….!!!

Oh yeah! Before I forgot about this… she has her own group.. I called them as The TLC
Which means… The Tudung Labuh Clan…

Their Respective Members: The Honor Chubby Cherub

They are always gossiping me and my other friend like “ they are like prostitutes!
Why did they allow their boyfriend touch their hands?”, Cherub…
“ hey! I saw them dating just now! They’re shameless!!”, Khaty…
“ don’t they have other works to do? It’s better than dating!”, Fitri…

The TLC always criticizing on people who have boyfriend.. they’re jealous of us!!
Coz it seems like they doesn’t have boyfriend at all… we can called them as realistic
or they don’t have dream at all or they are strangely cold or also could it possible to be…
that guy in the school wouldn’t give them the time of their day……The Chubby is too big!!
She’s 78kg!! that’s true! she wears double xl shirts!!! Khaty, has a problem with her hair…
her hair style is out of date!!! It’s like David Arumugam’s hair style…
also like the clown’s wig… hyu!!! A wiggly, wiggly hair… it’s awful! and Fitri is cheeky!!
Her mouth is as the same as… She can talk a person down in 5
seconds!!! What a record!

The Conclusion? We are slightly different from each other!!

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