Monday, October 12, 2009

Chapter 4

People don’t understand what I’m going through… they said, having an able
classmate like her is hard for the other… but they just don’t get it… when I
get bump into her, it’s feel like something similar to a murder intent… then,
I will just run away.. simple but it does work with me…

Well, the big sized Cherub is actually a gourmet! She can cleared up everything
Good served for her in minute… but, she’s always pretend like she didn’t eat much…
just a little.. but, can you imagine that someone who eat only a quarter of plate
can grew to an enormous sized… double xl shirts!!! She has an abnormal attachment
or intense grudge against food… rather than a gourmet, it’s much more accurate to
say that she’s a glutton.. she’s always in love with the food!

She’s honest with her own desires.. she thinks that she can conquer the
whole school… but it is impossible!! As long as I’m still here, I’ll be an ally!!
I’ll help out those innocent and figure out ways to vanquish the demon
forever and bring happiness to the whole school!

When she’s around me, I feel like I’m always running about, and I can’t relax!
Ah! It feels good when she’s out from school for some reason…
Sometime, I think that she look like a molester lurking around the school..

I still remember the day when we go to a camp together, when I saw her lying
on the bed, I feel like she’s bear who escaped the zoo! Oh.. chubby cherub!!!
Sometime, I think she want to be a………….
Doubled-chinned bear with a fat belly… so funny…

she’s so insistent… I never get along with her well.. I just can’t quit at this rate!! She’s also too slow when she walks… maybe she wants to show everyone how good is her manner..

why people always listen to her? Maybe they like Cherub after all… there some people who always follow her and always admit that she’s always right..

oh…. I need break…

I still remember one day, she talk about my close friend named Luvpeace…
She said that how can a slim-bodied Luvpeace can eat more than she do? Then I just answer that
She is very hungry and she only eat once a day… her mind is so unpredictable!

Last week, she get annoyed because one of our classmate wasn’t courteous…
“don’t you know how to speak politely?”, she yelled to him in front of his own girlfriend..
That drop-dead macho classmate just leave her with her anger alone.. she even reported the case to the teacher… somehow, we called her, Chubby Cherub The Claimant, The Reporter, The Retort Stand… pretty freakin' true!!

There’s one time when she do something wrong, she will put the blame on someone that she doesn’t like… yeah! She that type of person… sometime, she will always exaggerating.
One time, she said that the person who had been caught by dating at the school will received 50
Points of demerit… but the truth is they just received 15 points of demerit! Isn’t that
Exaggerating? School today are terrible with her lurking around… finding our mistakes to report it to the discipline teacher… maybe this is the destiny I’ve been born with..

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