Thursday, July 17, 2014

New Semester (September 2014)

I am seeing myself as a good student, not sleeping in the class and not taking caffeine so frequently because it’s not good! Trying so hard to pass all my minitests and at the same time I should start my healthy lifestyle (which I neglected during my first year).

I saw myself thin and curvy but that’s the point. I only saw myself but I can’t feel the change. Why? Because I cheated a lot. I went from I’m on diet to I had enough of diet (after losing 4 kgs) and I need some cheat days that blow my diet into ashes. Next month, finding myself gaining back that 4kgs I lost. I am so bad and I hate myself so much. Being thin is my ultimate goal since I finished high school. Come on, don’t tell me no one wants to look as hot as fuck during their high school reunion after 10 years. Hello!

Therefore, I’m setting new goals for myself and my new rewards for myself should be in terms of clothing. That’s right! Why reward yourself with food when you lose weight. Instead, buy new clothing items let’s say I’ll go shopping once a month because, I have a busy life and time constraint, definitely a barrier.

How much weight I want to ditch? Currently weighing 67 or 68kgs on different scale and I really want the taste of thigh gap and all. My little sister is 41kgs and people can’t tell we’re sisters. *cry*. Okay just kidding. 49kgs sounds good to me. I’ll put live updates every 7 days with my weight.

Hello high school reunion, let’s do this!
(p/s: losing 19kgs sounds impossible but when others can, why can’t I do the same. Beat the impossibilities)
(17th July 2014)

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