Sunday, April 28, 2013

18 and parents

I was hesitating before this post but as a girl who is growing up I think I should share this thing with the other. Around the world. Who probably is reading this. The recent news reported that most students in university, the tend to take courses which are not in their interest. Why? Yes, the reason is their parents choose it for them!

Most parents have already set their plan for their kids even before they were born. How crazy is that :) I know right but, the point is even if you guys as the parents want the best for your kids, you guys still cannot force them to do what you guys like..

I know I know but the reality struck was soo bad. I went through the same damn thing. Mum wanted me to be a doctor and yes I said no :) I'm proud of the decision I've made. I'm not going anywhere near medicine.

Haish I'm waiting for the interview's result.. please please please :)

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