Friday, February 24, 2012


Rupanya tak senang untuk kita melupakan seseorang. Kalau tengok movie, macam senang je that girl nak lupakan the GUY tapi the truth is, it hurts to the backbone..okay!
It is so not easy until even after I tried so many times it didn’t work. Im so tired of the drama. I really miss the old moments. I still remember that one night, I slept early around 8pm. It was back then when texting is necessary to me and him. We used to text every night, until one of us say goodnight and sweet dreams sayang. And that night, I didn’t text him even a single one. He made the first move and text me:

1)Around 8.30pm : Hye
Nobody replied the text of course, I was sleeping. Then he sent me another one saying:

2)Around 10pm : Awak tgah buat apa?
Still, no reply. I’m still sleeping. So he sent me another text that truly touched me:
3)Around 12pm : saya minta maaf kalau ada buat salah ngan awak tau. Saya sayang awak.
I woke up at 2.30am that night to study chemistry since we have pop quiz the next day, and I saw the texts. Of course i replied. I asked him why he said such thing?

He said : saya takut saya ada buat salah ngan orang yang saya sayang. Sebab tu la saya minta maaf.

To AWAK, yes! Awak. Awak tau la sapa yang saya maksudkan kalau awak baca post ni. I miss this moment so much, i keep remembering it until now. How much i want to say ‘saya sayang awak’ lagi. Saya nak dengar awak cakap kat saya ‘saya sayang awak’ lagi. Saya nak awak conteng buku chemist saya lagi. I miss you.
Kalau la saya boleh putar balik masa yang lalu, saya nak buat awak happy selalu. Saya tak mungkin sakitkan hati awak macam dulu. Nak je saya buat announcement ‘saya minta maaf MYTH’. Biar semua orang tau, saya jahat ngan awak.

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