Sunday, February 26, 2012

* aku still kat sini

It has been 3 months and thirteen days since I lost him. 12th November 2011, the date which I will never forget.

It was raining from the night before. As if the world knew that we’re separating. I went to Kajang for my monthly head check up. Everything started from a very simple question. ‘is it jealousy?’

The question marked the event. Where the time stood still. If I can ever go back to the moment and change my mind. I would never ever ask the question. The world’s biggest mistake I’ve ever did. How can I be so reckless?

If I can ever say sorry again. I would have done that. But then, it’ll be a very awkward moment. I wish the time stood still once again. In between of the split second, I want to say ‘I love you’ once again. If I can ever return to the past, I would have done that and explain very well to you or maybe break the bond between me and him. Plainly to get you back. Enough of all the tears and tissue and mucus. Tell me where is your heart. I’m eager to seek for it.

25 February, 12


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