Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sweet Sixteen....

yea~ too good to be true right.... i'm officially sixteen years old.... old enough to make a decision that i wouldn't regret.. next week i'm moving from SMK KOTA SAMARAHAN to SM Tinggi PERMATApintar... how much i'm looking forward to that... but in the mean time... i'm afraid that i couldn't catch up... loads of things in my mind... and i'm blank....

how long that i can stand...???? 'the chosen... u stand alone....' i'm all alone there.. to fight with another 149 genius students... how log i can stay? how much that i can absorb? challenge... i know there's still excitement.... but i have to fight... all the way to be successful... pray for me dear friends,...

Being sixteen.. its not honeymoon...its all about war... i stand alone... even u cant help me... only one way.... by PRAYING TO GOD... >.<


Today I'm gonna ride away
And feel the sun throughout my hair
Finally free to be who I wanna be
Who that is I don't really care

'Cuz I've got friends who love me
Blue skies are above me
My blonde hair is everywhere

Sweet sixteen
Gonna spread my wings
Sweet sixteen
It's my chance to shine
Sweet sixteen
Sweet sixteen
So much more to life
Sweet sixteen

Drivin' down to the club where we go to dance
Radio is blastin' and the top is down

There ain't nothin' in my way
'Cept the traffic of L.A.

And I've got friends who love me
Bright stars shine above me
My blonde hair is everywhere

Mamma loves me and a sister who shows me, and a daddy's always there

I wanna know what it feels like
I need to see it from the inside
I can taste a bit of what I will find
So much more to life
Sweet sixteen......


idealistik kirana said...

congratulations babe!
dapat aliran ape?

Suraiya Izzaty said...

sry~ lambat gla reply... def coz dah lama gla x on9... pure sc...