Thursday, September 27, 2012

too good to be true

so he's telling me that ibu wants me?
so he's really telling me that one day my dreams will come true?
so he's telling me that ibu sayang me too?
so is it really happening?

I trust him that much. so I will always be.

bukan senang bila percaya pada someone. sangat takut bila kepercayaan yang aku berikan dihancurkan macam tu je. im not giving up. trust me I didn't. it is just that I really wants everything I've planned. at last, hanya mampu berusaha dan berserah. if its not the reality, what else should I expect?
let's just assume that I gave up. I'm sorry :(

losing hope is always another part of me people never knew. looking strong and always been so cheerful enough so people never notice that I'm having the worst problem ever. I don't want sympathy vote.

I want ibu :( please

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