Monday, December 20, 2010

My Future Life

wud am i gonna do? waiting for the result which gonna be on my hand in about two more days... damn i'm freaking out here... if i pass the exam with flying colour
. means i'm not gonna be here anymore... i will definitely fly back to UKM... continue my study there...

but is there any chance left if i dont pass the exam with flying colours? hard to say... so i'd better be praying to God.. oh,,, how much i need to get out of here as soon as possible... i'm different from another.. i cant stay here with the same friends i have for three years.. i cant!! that's it... i cant!!! i need to be somewhere where ppl there understand me, understand the away i talk, the way i think... and the place is definitely not here..

i'm sick of being at the same place for three years... i need to go out... where the skies are different, where the ppl are different, where the smell of the grass are also different... pray for me...

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